Monday, November 1, 2010

First Halloween = Best Halloween

As a huge Halloween enthusiast, I have to say that celebrating with your kid trumps all Halloweens you've ever had before. It's like eating muffins for dessert your whole life and then having a cupcake for the first time.

I always loved trick or treating when I was little, then the fun parties and festivities when you're in college, and then handing out candy when you're a little too old to be out getting shnockered and tp-ing people's houses... but taking Niall trick or treating was so much better than any of those by far!

I was so incredibly bummed last year when Niall came about 3 weeks too late for Halloween. Looking back, I would have literally been a zombie- no need for a costume- so it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway. I would have been running on 1 hour of sleep, looking incredibly heinous, wearing a robe and nursing cover, and so completely out of it, I wouldn't have had a clue what day it was.

So this year I was going to be ready. We got Niall's costume a while back (I think it was July) and I lined up a string of events for the entire Halloween weekend. Friday was supposedly "boo at the zoo" but we seemed to have mixed the dates up and just ended up looking at the animals (still fun). Saturday was trick or treating at the mall. And Sunday, of course, was the real deal- with BFF Jack.

 (at the mall)

Niall was a martian and I was so shocked that he cooperated with this giant fat suit of a costume. It was basically a big, squishy pillow that he had to wear over his outfit like overalls, with a chin strap hat that I thought would be gone in 5 seconds. But he did great! He must love Halloween just as much as me.

We would let the boys try to grab the candy out of the baskets themselves, which usually involved us trying to put back the 6 extra pieces of candy they would rip out. Niall held onto the kit kat he got from the first house for the entire night. It was like, "Do not try to touch my kit kat." And we didn't. So when we got back to the house, the whole thing had melted in the wrapper. I ate it anyway- along with the rest of the candy (a major perk when your kid is less than a year old). It was a great night ;)

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  1. niall makes the cutest little martian ever. i love how into it you got & all the activities you had lined up for the whole weekend. you're such a fun mom :)

  2. I love his costume - so cute and unique! It makes me feel better that you took Niall trick-or-treating. My little guy is just over a year, and my husband and I were so excited to take him out.. but our neighbors acted like we were just trying to mooch candy! They even forgot to mention how cute he looked in his giraffe costume :)

  3. Oh boo- that's so lame of them! Who cares if he can't eat the candy- it's fun for him to go through the motions of putting it in the bag and see the other kids in their costumes. I think it's great that you took him!

  4. Awww, he made an adorable little martian!! And I'm very impressed with his costume-tolerating skills!!

  5. What a cutie! Those firsts are always so much fun!

  6. Very, very cute!


  7. I so agree, Halloween is even more fun as a mom! I was surprised that Avery kept her bee hood on too. She hates hats so I figured it would be off right away but she kept it on the whole time.

    Nate looks so cute, love his costume!


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