Friday, October 29, 2010

Sharing is NOT Caring

From the mouths of babes (AKA Niall)...

So this is what I get.  Mommy keeps getting on my back about this "sharing" thing, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Well, I am NOT a fan!  I think that other babies or dogs or whoever need to just go get their own toys and stay away from mine- because it ain't workin' out so far.  No way Jose.

I was at Granny Bags' house one day, having a great time with my doggie pal "Amber".  She was giving me the best big, wet kisses and keeping me company next to my playpen when I didn't want to take a nap.  She was such a good friend, I decided to share my passie with her.

Well, forget that!  She didn't know how to use it AT ALL.  She just chewed it up until the sucky part came off and there were just a bunch of teeth marks left in the whole thing.  I tried to tell her that I was done sharing and I wanted it back, but it was too late.  Amber isn't very good at the giving it back part.

I can't even use the thing any more- it doesn't even look like a passie!  I'm going to have to get even by taking one of her doggie treats- they look like they taste pretty good, too.  We'll see how she likes that. 

Mommy says sharing is caring, but sometimes we just don't see eye to eye.  I say poo on sharing.  Hmmf.

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  1. Following you back from Mediocrity Chronicles. Please stop by again soon!

  2. Too cute! I bet that puppy had the BEST time sharing the passie. Too bad about the not giving it back part. :)

  3. Oh no!! Mason's doggy chewed on his nuk too. Thankfully he only got tooth marks in the "handle" before I caught him! Every now and then he gets some looks while people wonder how a toothless baby got tooth marks in his Nuk. lol

  4. Oh my! Sweet of him to share though, it's the thought that counts. We're working on sharing too. Always a struggle! Hard concept for an age where they are so egocentric!

  5. ahahah! that is too funny! your blog is so cute!

  6. yikes! i hope niall didn't try using the paci again after sharing it :) looks like amber had a fun time with it!


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