Thursday, October 7, 2010

My name is Kerry... and I'm a Mall Walker

So the time has come that it's officially too cold for me to take my morning walks outside.  I've been dreading this day for quite a while.  Since my lazy bones can't handle a straight hour of yoga anymore, walking has become my main source of exercise- I can't just ditch it altogether! 

Enter my brilliant idea/ worst nightmare: mall walking.  All my years of making fun of mall walkers have finally come back to bite me.  But it's the most reasonable solution, so I have to just go with it. 

I will pack Niall up into the car seat and drive to the mall (about 3 minutes away).  I can go bright and early, when I won't have to worry about knocking people out with my jogging stroller- although, I'll admit that I would love to do that to some people at the mall. 

But I just wasn't sure if the mall would be open at 7:45- and if it would be safe.  To my surprise and delight, the doors were open (despite all of the stores being closed)... and I was not alone.  I walked through the entrance and lo and behold, there they were- like ants marching:

My fellow mall walkers, God bless 'em :)

I wouldn't have to worry about being there all by myself!  I would have my 25-30 elderly friends in their finest reflective jogging suits, power walking alongside me (some holding weights- so cute).  I had no idea that so many people did this before the mall opened!  But if somebody were to come in and mug me, I don't think the 85 year olds would be of much help. 

They do pretty much take over the place, though.  I think most people are unaware of the fact that old people are the ones keeping McDonald's alive and thriving.  They meet in groups of 8-10 and play cards in the empty food court, while snacking on their hash browns and mcmuffins.  McDonald's is THE only store in the entire mall that is open, and they are making a killing from these little early birds. I wish I could be their friend- I've been dying to find someone who will play cards with me :)

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  1. I'm jealous....I would love to mall walk, but there's something about that place which makes our 19 month old go INSANE. Not sure if it's the lights, the constant elevator music, smells from food court, whatever it is, it's meltdown city. And ongoing shoppers shoot me looks like, "quick call social services" we've got a Bad Mom on the loose.

    So we bundle and head outdoors, where at least I can justify warming my cold hands with an overpriced latte. the lattes.

  2. Lol, I've been dreading the thought of pulling the treadmill out after this baby is born this December. The mall is right up the street... it might do me some good to force myself to pack up the 3 boys, the twin jogger and the Moby wrap... the best intentions and all, right?
    Thanks for following, following back :)

  3. That is awesome. I am already following you. Have a great weekend and hopefully you will get in a nice walk too.

  4. Hahaha - hilarous. I used to work at the mall in college and when I opened the store bright and early we would always make fun of the mall walkers. Oh, how the tides have turned!!! Me? I seem to ALWAYS be hanging where there are groups outings of the mentally challenged. No matter where I go.

  5. That's a great idea! Right now we are taking walks in the evening as a family but once the weather turns cold we won't be able to do that. I might have to start mall walking also. Not sure I can do that 7:45 thing though, phew that's early to be up and out! I'm impressed!

  6. I came across your blog on BBC! I work at the mall at a kiosk and yes I do agree...the elderly people with their 2 lb weights are cute! I just sit there and count how many times I see them. They help my mornings pass faster and it's always interesting to see the reflective outfits lol I also love it when a husband and wife are dressed EXACTLY the same lol


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