Friday, October 1, 2010

Banky Bear

When I first saw one of those half blanket- half bear things, I was a little bit confused.  Who would want a toy that seems like it's a stuffed animal at first glance, but then come to find out they forgot to stuff it with anything?  It's like the baby toy version of a minotaur.  Nobody likes minotaurs; they're creepy- just choose if you're going to be a horse or a man!

So when I received 5 or 6 of these bear blankies at my baby shower, I politely smiled and cheered and then threw them to the bottom of the stuffed animal basket.  Well, boy was I way off about those things!  Banky Bear, as we like to call him, is now Niall's BFF.

And really, who could blame him?  This flat bear-headed blanket is the best friend he's ever gonna have.  He can walk all over him, take out all of his anger on him, squeeze his head and bang it against the wall just for fun... and yet Banky Bear sticks with Niall til the end.  Plus, he fits so easily into mommy's diaper bag ;) 

Niall has now taken to going everywhere with Banky Bear, even if it involves tying up his free hand.  He just crawls around as if Banky Bear weren't even under there, being dragged across the floor.  He even claps with banky bear wedged between his hands- what a multitasker.  I just hope they don't ever have a falling out- real friendships take work!

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  1. That is fantastic! I tried so hard to get Nate interesting in a similar thing (an Angel Dear giraffe blankie) and was so uninterested. They really do choose their own loveys. Nate loves a big stuffed gorilla :) Not ideal for a lovey at all - not washable and kind of big!

  2. Cute post :-)

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  3. What a cutie!

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  4. TAG!! You're IT!!

  5. What a sweety! My three grown children all have their original teddy bears. My daughter still sleeps with her's, tucked like a second pillow under her middle. My oldest son gave his to his first-born. My youngest took his to college first year (it came home before second year and now hides in a deep closet). Whoever invented "plush" sure knew human nature craved cuddles.

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  7. Avery has one too but her's is a sheep. She loves it! She has to have it in her crib at nap and night or things can get ugly. And since she likes to take it out of her crib when she is awake, it can be tricky! I need to go find another one just like it so we have a backup!

  8. yeah, they are weird aren't they??! i bought levi one to give him as a "lovely" when weaning him from the swaddle. i bought a target brand one (in australia) thinking that if he liked it i could easily get another one for when it's in the wash or if we lose it. then went in to get a second one the other day and they don't sell them any more. devastated! BUT, where did you get that yellow one? it looks EXACTLY like levi's!!! i need to find another... i checked out target (america) website and didn't see it... but tell me your secrets! i need another! :)

  9. I got it as a gift, so I'm not sure :(
    I found them on Amazon, though. They're called 'flatos'. There's a direct link to it in this post. I bet they have a bunch of different colors. Good luck!


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