Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Target Fever

I have a love-hate relationship with Target. They have everything I could ever want or need... but that's just the problem. I can't ever go there to buy the one thing that I'm looking for. It always turns into a hundred dollar shopping spree when I was only expecting to spend $10.

I needed to get a pack of 5 blank DVDs so I could burn my stepsister's wedding video that I did for her. What did I walk out with? 4 baby bowls, 2 spill proof snack cups, a pair of baby tennis shoes, and a string of pumpkin Halloween lights.

I walked to my car, packed up the stroller, strapped Niall into the car seat, and got about a mile away when I realized that I never picked up the DVDs... the sole purpose of the trip. Mission definitely not accomplished. I must have first time mom shopping syndrome. All I can ever think about is baby stuff!

I am pretty excited about the spill proof snack cup, though. I've been pouring Cheerios into a small ziplock baggie and trying to open and close it after each time I hand him one. Actually, they're not even cheerios- they are those special organic dissolving puffs that look like Cheerios. They have everything these days!

If you want to avoid getting sucked into the Target shopping spree trap, they have these items on Amazon, too... (6 pack of the puffs, 2 pack of the snack cups)

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  1. LOL!!! That happened to me today...I had to get a notebook for my soon, I spent over 100 bucks and I forgot the note book LOL!!!

  2. That's too funny! They really know how to get us- I always end up buying more than I went for, but I don't think I've actually left without what I needed before (that I can remember) ;)

  3. I did that today!!! I went to Target to get a couple baby proofing cabinet latches and walked out $125 poorer! I got a couple cute tops, some hats and gloves for the kiddos, some new slippers, and some Halloween candy. I always tell myself that if I decide I spent too much I can always return everything, but I NEVER DO! :)

  4. Adorable little boy!
    Thanks for following...following you back!

  5. I can relate to the love hate relationship with Target!

  6. I completely understand! I love Target! My husband on the other hand...probably because I can never come out with nothing...

  7. Yes, Target is addictive. As I type this I am telling myself all the reasons why I don't need to go to Target!! I say I want to finish getting my decorations for fall but I know if I step foot in there my baby girl will come out with hairbows and my son some toys and who knows what else!! I have to go when they are almost closing! Thanks for stopping by..I really appreciate it ;-) I'm your newest follower!


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