Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

So many things happened this past week that I forgot to post this very important milestone. No more hanky panky crawling around on the kitchen floor- it's time for the big league stuff. This kid is climbing to the top... and fast.

I'm always excited when Niall starts doing something new, but then I immediately start thinking about what this means in terms of mommy duty. It's usually somewhere between a 30-50% attention increase on my part.

But this one is a 100% no goofing around, mommy must pay attention accomplishment. The first trip up the stairs... 13 of those bad boys. Followed by an attempt to pivot and swan dive down to the bottom. No fear. Except for those few little glances behind on his way up. We won't count those ;)

It must look so incredibly high and intimidating to a little kid his age. I would be terrified. He had just a little hesitation, but he knew he had to keep going- he has a hard time swallowing his pride. And he did it!

Now I can't put the gate up fast enough each morning. I literally carry him downstairs, plop him down and go to grab the gate.... and all of a sudden, he's already up half the flight of stairs. If I start him off half way across the house, I'll have just enough time to get the gate up before he can get past me. Little devil!

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  1. Oh my goodness. He is one fast little guy! I'm suddenly really glad we only have one story :) How cute is he in his little baby jeans!

  2. what a sweetie!! i remember those days and i can say i don't miss em!! lol
    thanks for following and i'm following back!!

  3. So cute, it is amazing how fast they can go! Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  4. is that the little shirt from target with sea monsters on it? if so, parker has it too!

    this is WAY too cute. good job niall!

  5. I like your blog. Thanks for following me. I am returning the favour.

  6. Amy, yes! I LOVE Target. I won't go anywhere else for his clothes ;) So cute that they have matching little shirts!


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