Monday, September 6, 2010

Niall's Posse

What does it mean to have a baby posse? Can a 9 month old really have a posse? The answer is yes. 24 kids between the ages of 2 and 15 now have Niall's back forever.

Building a baby posse can be pretty tough, but if you are among one of the lucky babies, you can look forward to other toddlers doing the following to you:
  • offering you fully dressed hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies before you are capable of chewing
  • crawling on top of and over you in an attempt to make it up the stairs faster
  • trying to lift you up over a balcony railing so you can see all the action below
  • showing you how to jump on a bed... while you are laying on it
  • screaming your name as loud as possible until you finally look at them

It's a pretty awesome gig, that baby posse. We had cousins weekend with Matt's mom's side a few weeks ago (about 5 kids), and this weekend was cousins weekend with Matt's dad's side (24 of the total 52 cousins). Niall could have been completely overwhelmed by this, but he was like a sponge. Just soaking up and observing everything.

I love the thought of Niall being known as the kid with 30 cousins in the area, so nobody will ever pick on him.  You mess with my cousin, you mess with me!  It's so cute because they're all really good friends with each other.  Almost every single one of them has a cousin their exact age.  Niall will be too young to be close friends with any of them, but I think he'll always be their little buddy. 

As much fun as we all had, I think everyone was a little drained by the end of it.  By about 6pm yesterday, Matt's grandma (who had 9 kids) was gathering her things to get going, and casually told me "some kid just took a dump on the carpet... I'm going to go home and watch CSI with a BIG glass of wine." A great end to a great day :)

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