Friday, September 3, 2010

A Leech on My Leg

I am completely amazed by full time work at home moms. I just don't see how it's possible. I've been doing a whopping 8 hours of medical billing per week, and I honestly don't think I could squeeze one more minute in there.

Between feeding, changing and cleaning up after Niall (and trying to fit a little bit of play time in there)... it's like I blink my eyes and it's 5pm. I'm dreading the day that he goes from 2 naps down to one. That precious quiet time is the only chance I really have to accomplish anything.

The older he gets, the more needy and clingy he's getting- especially if I'm I working. I feel terrible just plopping him down and saying "ok, go have fun trying to pull the electric socket plugs out," (his favorite thing to do these days)...but that's what I have to do most times.

He'll usually start crawling up my legs and giving me the most guilt evoking puppy dog looks, but lately he's been finding new ways to entertain himself down there.

First, it was trying to untie my tennis shoes. That was amazing because I always double knot them, so it kept him entertained for quite a while. Then, I would take my shoes off and wiggle my toes, which he thought was hilarious. He grabs each individual toe and moves it around, examining it like a little scientist.

So, the other day, he was all over my feet and I let myself get really wrapped up in my work. He's happy, I'm happy, it's quiet, and I'm getting things done. But he was touching my toes so gently, it was really starting to tickle. Then, I notice that my big toe feels kind of slimy- weird. I peek down to check on him and catch him sucking on my dirty disgusting toe! This boy is really building up his immune system ;)

I guess I can't complain, though- I read a blog the other day about a mom who caught her daughter with the toilet cleaning brush in her mouth- yikes! What is the most ridiculous thing that has made its way into your kid's mouth?

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  1. number one, EW to the toilet brush. that is sick. two, i want to make him a onesie with black text also so it matches matts. three, i just signed up for baltimore research. this other mom told me she made 250 bucks for like an hour research study. so hopefully they will call! i know you aren't in baltimore but neither am i and i think we would still qualify so you should check them out and maybe make some extra mons!

  2. Bounced over from Cameron's place and laughed when I read your profile. I too would be thrilled if I could find a Friday night Scrabble friend. I can only force my husband to play so much. :)

    Nice meeting you!

  3. Sarah, that's amazing about the research study! I've heard that those are legit because they're usually backed by some kind of funding from a foundation or the govt. I'll have to look into it. Also, Niall LOVES his shirt- he doesn't have to match perfectly with Matt's. It makes him unique ;)

    Amy, thanks for stopping by. My husband won't even play Scrabble with me- he says that he has to think all day long at work, so he doesn't want to think when he comes home. Lame!

  4. Kerry-you just MADE my night. I'm sitting here writing my syllabi for school (bored out of my mind) so I think, let me check on Niall...Sure enough I bursted out laughing so loudly from this one. Keep the funny (and weird) stories coming!

  5. Kerry, i recall struggling working on my home business with my younger son was that age. most of the time he "won" the time he needed and i found myself working on albums and emailing customers late at night.
    i enjoyed reading your blog and i'm sure i'll be back to check you out. i hope you'll follow me as well. take care -


  6. i know, right? i'm already dreading the 2 to 1 nap transition and it's still far off for us! ah! i have no idea how work from home moms do it... maybe with older children, but babies and toddlers? wha???!! and by the way, i'm glad to know that levi is not the only toe sucker around. {sigh} babies... they are so cute... and so gross. ;)

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  8. Kerry, thanks so much for making me laugh:). I remember when...such a sweet time. My big guy is 7 now and I have to look at pictures to remember how little he was. As a single, self-employed, work-at-home mom, I don't know how I did it but, I do have the grey hair to prove it (LOL)! Enjoy it while you can...time flys.

    Thanks for following my blog. I'll be back to check on you and Niall.



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