Tuesday, September 7, 2010

He is not a "she"

I have a very important question to ask... At what age can you start getting annoyed with people who confuse the gender of your child? Because I'm really starting to question people's intelligence (or maybe just their vision).

I can totally understand the first 6 months- especially since we chose to be surprised. All the clothes were yellow and green, he had no hair, long eye lashes... I get it. But now he's 9 1/2 months and wears the most boyish clothes you've ever seen. It just seems glaringly obvious to me.  Maybe I'm a bit biased ;)

Today, Niall had to get his first flu shot (not fun), so we put on our clothes and made our way to the doctor's office. Let me give you a little snap shot of what he was wearing: a black t-shirt with a giant construction truck on it with the inscription "TONKA"- as in Tonka trucks... as in BOYS. Then, on the bottom he was wearing dark khaki cargo shorts that came down below his knees.

So, sure enough, the nurse calls us back, gives him a good look up and down, and asks me how old "SHE" is. What part about this outfit screams "I'm a girl!"?? I just can't wrap my head around it.

Of course, I politely tell her it's a boy and she apologizes. I immediately say "Oh, don't worry about it." Well, I'm ready to start telling people to worry about it. If I'm ever unsure with someone else's little one, I ask "how old is your baby?" I don't just make an assumption- unless the kid is wearing a pink and purple flowered dress. Come on people!

What is the longest it took people to stop confusing your kid's gender?

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  1. i think this is especially weird because niall doesn't look AT ALL gender neutral to me. he has a totally boyish, boy boy boy face! regardless of his attire.

  2. Hi from your latest follower via Tuesday Blog Hop. Glad to find you. Love your post. What a cutie!!I know exactly what you mean. My girls always got mistaken for boys cause they had no hair. If I dressed them in blue in anyway even if it was a pretty blue top or shorts that you wouldn't put on a boy they still mistaken them for boys. I too am very careful what I say to mums. I am also very careful not to ask mums how long they have to go until they have their baby cause I did that one day and she wasn't even pregnant. Now I say if I think they might be pregnant "Are you going to have any more children". Then they usually say well actually I am this far along. Saves some embarrassment. Please stop by and check out my new blog hop. Would love for you to join.

  3. We were at the grocery store one day when a lady was giving out samples. Of course our then 6 month old Noah flung his hands, acting as if he has never ate a day in his life...reaching for the food! The lady says, "How old is she?" We say "He is a boy!" And she says, "Why my he sure is a pretty boy!" I will take that! :)

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for following and I'm following you back! My daughter was CONSTANTLY being called a boy! It used to tick me off because she was wearing full blown pink or rainbows and people still called her a "he". Once she was even wearing her Tae Kwon Do uniform that said EMILY across it and she was still called a boy! It used to amaze me. Someone even had the audacity to say, "Wow! You should really get her ears pierced!"
    Thanks so much for following and I'm following you back!

  5. Haha! Great stories. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I guess a cute baby is a cute baby- whether or not the gender is correct ;)

  6. wow, that is ridiculous! niall is ALL boy as far as i'm concerned. geesh.

  7. Oh...don't worry, HE doesn't look like a she at all. Those people apparently don't have two brain cells to rub together^^

    thx for stopping by and for the follow...I'm following back =)


  8. I had that happen to me with my baby, people use to ask how is SHE..meanwhile he was wearing all blue!!! That would so annoy me. Niall looks like all boy to me, some people!

  9. yes people do not pay attention. I can clearly see he's aboy! A handsome one at that!

    thanks for stoppping by my blog, I am following you back from MBc!

  10. No worries! My youngest (a BOY!) is 21 months and has the most darling ringlets in the back of his hair...which I confess makes him look a tad more girly but you're right, it's the outfits! I mean, blue everywhere, maybe with a little red thrown in. I definitely don't make assumptions, unless the baby is wearing one of those gigantic bows on their hairless heads. :)

  11. My youngest is 15 months and people still think he's a girl. My theory is he looks so much like me that when I'm holding him people automatically see GIRL.

    Thanks for following, right back at ya!

  12. I know, it always astounds me how unobservant some people can be. I will have Avery in a pink outfit with hearts and flowers on it and they still tell me "What a cute boy you have." She is still pretty bald but all you have to do is look at the clothes! Crazy!


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