Friday, September 17, 2010

Co-sleeping Scare

Last night, Niall was having a rough time with those top teeth that are about to pop through. I usually go in and rub his back for a little bit and he falls back to sleep. But last night, he was pretty hysterical.

I'm all about everything in moderation. I try not to put Niall in bed with us too often, but if he needs some extra love and cuddling, I'm all for it. The problem is, I can never fall asleep when he's in there with us. I have to shove my arms down by my sides since his little head is right there, I can't stretch out or get comfortable, and I always have to keep that mommy alarm on in the back of my mind not to roll over on him.

So, I just lay there with him and wait for him to fall back to sleep, and then take him back in the crib. It usually takes about 30 min. But last night, he was not having it. He would lay there somewhat still, but he was just gargling and looking around and touching my face. After about an hour, I must have drifted back to sleep...

...without setting the mommy alarm in my head- or letting daddy know that Niall was in there! Now, I remember learning that the only time you have to worry about co-sleeping is if you are drunk or obese. Well, I guess they should add "completely sleep deprived and/or violent spooner" to the list.

I couldn't believe it when I woke up at 6:15 and Niall was still in bed with us. I was actually pleasantly surprised that both of us went back to sleep without me even noticing. Until Matt broke the news...

Matt always rolls over at some point in the night and violently shoves his pillow into the mattress and starts spooning it. I've seen it first hand. Well, Niall was right there underneath it. He said that he must have been like that for at least 5 seconds when he felt struggling. He quickly picked up the pillow and found Niall still kind of asleep, but fighting to get out from under the pillow. Matt swears that all of his body weight was on him.

After he made sure Niall was ok, he turned over and went back to sleep. Meanwhile, I'm completely dead to the world through the whole thing. 5 minutes later... Daddy does the same thing again!

I almost died. I can't even think about what would have happened if Niall weren't as feisty as he is. Some babies would have just gone on sleeping through it and never even struggled. If he hadn't fought... I won't even go there. I just can't. We gave the co-sleeping thing a shot and it ain't for us, that's all I can say.

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  1. The cosleepig experts always say that the child should be between mom and a bed rail, never in the middle of the bed. Dads just don't have the same instinct. We moms can still sleep sound and our extra baby sense will keep us from harming then little one. I'm glad everyone is ok! :)

  2. Ahhh, that makes sense. I didn't get that memo! Daddies need to step it up and get the instinct ;)

  3. Wow! Kerry...that is so frightening! I am so glad that it all turned out ok! I wanted to stop by and say thanks for entering my give away. I am excited to find your blog and check it out more and to follow you!
    Have a great day and snuggle that cute little guy up!

  4. woah, that is crazy! i bet you are squeezing niall a little tighter today thanking him for being such a little feisty guy, huh? i am so glad everything's ok.

  5. SO glad this all turned out for the best, but I can imagine your fear. I think you were given an opportunity to learn, and I am sure the lesson will stay with you. Just hug your little guy and big guy and enjoy the gifts life brings you each day.

  6. Oh Kerry! That's so scary! Something similar happened to us two nights ago...but with our kitten (we don't babies yet)--I know, not quite the same thing. My husband rolled over right on top of her. She scratched him to pieces and was huffing like she couldn't breathe for several minutes afterwards. Poor Gracie! It scared me half to death, so I can't imagine the fear you'd feel when the same thing happened to your baby. I'm glad everything is ok :)

  7. Aw! It's scary, isn't it? We are pretty deep sleepers, so it would be easy to sleep right through something like that. Glad little Gracie is ok, too :)

  8. Oh my god Kerry, so scary. My blood is pumping faster and got all cold sweaty reading it. I am so glad Niall's okay!


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