Monday, September 20, 2010

Spoon Feeding Boycott

Who would have thought that a baby could have such a strong opinion about something? Especially something that he had no problem with 2 weeks ago.

Apparently, Niall is no longer going to partake in this "ridiculous self spoon feeding charade." I put that in quotes because that's the message he's sending out through his stone cold, increasingly bored and agitated, "get that spoon out of my face right now" eyes. (I have newly discovered baby psychic abilities).

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our first attempt to let Niall try to put the spoon in his mouth-- and aside from the yogurt splattered all over the wall, he did a great job. Over the next couple of weeks, he kept getting better and better, to the point where he was barely making a mess.

Then, out of nowhere, he decided that he was not interested last week... which continued into this week. It has now been 10 days since he's allowed me to put the spoon in his hand.  I'll try to give it to him, and he'll do one of these 3 things:
  • throw the spoon across the room (with the food flying off of it)


  • physically remove his body from the spoon by pulling away as hard as he can, with his hands behind his head


  • push against my hand as hard as he can when I try to hold it with him and guide him through it...and let me tell you, he's just as strong as me- the force between the two of us keeps the spoon perfectly in the middle until it pops out

So, now what?  Am I going to be stuck spoon feeding him myself until he's 5 years old?

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  1. How about giving him soft finger foods that he can eat without the spoon? Another idea is to find a spoon with a character on it, like Tigger or Pooh or Spiderman, and see if that sparks some interest! Hang in there..... in another two weeks he might fall in love with his spoon again and have a new object to scorn and mystify you with!

  2. Following you back! I don't have kids so all I can say is good luck!!


  3. dude i am starting to think that pediatricians like to rush things. i cant imagine trying to let piper spoon feed herself in the next month. but she does eat these little grain puffs, you should get some! they are banana flavored by up and up. they have gerber ones too. but she is all about picking up those little suckers and gumming them to death. but they melt in their mouth anyway so they cant choke. i bet he'll like them! shes been very entertained this afternoon in her high chair eating the puffs and sometimes throwing them at me tho.

  4. Yea, he has the apple flavored ones and does a good job with those... but I think you're right. Pediatricians make you think that your kid is always behind so you get all freaked out. I can't let myself worry about stuff like that. I'm glad that this sounds really early to you! I'm relieved ;)

    And Lana, I love the characters on the spoon idea. I'll have to get some!

  5. Oh my!! Children sure know they can be stubborn, and the cute thing about it is within a few days they are likely to snap out of it...well let's hope!!

    I gave you a blogger award..swing by my site for the details!!

  6. Hi there! Guess what?!? I've given you an award! Stop on by to check it out!

    Lil Bits, Big World


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