Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Babies Gone Wild Part 2

It should come as no big surprise that when we received the invitation for baby Jack's first birthday party, I started jumping up and down as if it were my first birthday party.

It was actually Niall's first piece of mail- addressed to him and everything. I may not have even been invited, now that I think about it, but I showed up with the birthday hat and the whole 9 yards anyway ;) Niall and Jack even had opposite green and white striped polo shirts- unplanned, I swear.

Jack got so many cool toys, poor Niall didn't want to leave. He was pleading with his eyes, "Please don't make me leave and go home with those horrible people in that empty house." I thought that milk cartons and remote controls were good enough... but not when you put them next to a fire truck with a water squirting hose and rocking horse with a springing base.

The boys were pretty good about letting us put the birthday hats on them.  But at one point, Jack decided he either didn't want Niall copying his style, or stealing his birthday thunder, or just wanted to strangle him for funsies.  And the elastic around that hat would do just the trick.

Obviously, the best part of the day was watching Jack eat his first cake. He totally went for it. The first thing he tried to grab was the big red icing balloon. Excellent choice, I must say.  I should note, the small cake is for the guests and the giant green train cake is for Jack ;)

Have you ever seen anyone so excited about anything?

And then, when the cake was taken away, he wanted to know just where the heck they were taking his special treat.  Or else he was just saying.... "Good party, I'm out... peace."

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  1. Oh my gosh, you managed to get the best pictures! Love the stretched party hat and the look of pure glee over the cake!!

  2. What cute pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following back :)

  3. First birthday parties are so much fun! Love the pictures!


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