Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Whatchamacalit

I've really been missing the boat with these gadgets that are supposed to make life easier for you and baby.  The age ranges are always so broad that he starts out too little and then, before I know it, he's outgrown it.

I tried the bumbo seat when Niall was about 5 months old, but he seemed too little.  The next time I tried it, he was 7 months old and squirming out of the thing.  A friend later informed me that babies generally use the bumbo from about 4-6 months.  Woops.  I've been doing that with almost all of our baby stuff. 

About a month ago, I had tried out that thing that you put fruit in and let them suck on (with the mesh netting)- I can't remember the name, so I've been calling it the whatchamacalit- but Niall wasn't into it.  Well kudos to me, I finally remembered to pull it out again before it was too late.

We were playing in the back yard and Niall noticed me eating a clementine.  He got that crazed look in his eye and started attacking me.  I decided to let him suck on it for a minute, even though it's not one of the standard baby fruits (with the seeds and all).  And then I realized that the whatchamacalit would be perfect for this occasion!  He was even able to multitask for a minute there...

I couldn't believe it.  He held it and sucked on it and everything... until he started getting distracted by everything else in the yard.  First, it was the book in front of him, then it was the blades of grass, then it was a weed flower, then back to the blades of grass.  He looked like he had to make some life altering decision between the weed flower and the grass.  He ultimately picked the weed flower- a good choice.  Gotta love when babies get ADD!

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