Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blog Hops and Botched Soup

So yesterday... It's a shame that coming home from a vacation always has to be like waking up 2 hours before finals, to realize that you had only done 10 minutes of studying prior to passing out. It's like I can feel the clocking ticking in my ear and as much as I'm REALLY trying (and feeling like I'm doing a lot), I'm literally getting nothing done. Nothing.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and that was about it. How was that all I accomplished in 24 hours, I really don't know. Well, maybe I have an idea... it has to do with different strokes for different folks.

My stepbrother's girlfriend has 2 kids and was sharing some of her much appreciated advice with me- what I thought sounded like a fantastic idea, actually. Spend all day Sunday making a big pot of soup for the week and then you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week. I'm sure that this works for a lot of people, and I can see how it does. But it doesn't work for me.

I learned the hard way that I would much rather spend one hour every single day making food than 6 agonizing hours in one single day. I'm not even kidding- I had to stop every hour and sit on the couch because I felt like I was becoming a hunchback. Matt had to massage my low back while I threw myself over the counter.

When all was said and done, I had to figure out how to de-bone and de-skin a boiled chicken without scorching my fingers and ultimately ended up ruining the entire batch of veggie filled soup. In my attempt to shield my baby from the poisonous sodium in canned beans, I attempted to boil, clean, let sit, drain and rinse a bag of beans in their raw form. Can I just ask, WHO DOES THAT??? It's not worth it. EVER. I'll take the 0.004321% of sodium in the can, thank you.

By the way, you also have to cook them for another ridiculous chunk of time after that, which I forgot to do. So my soup is full of half cooked, half uncooked, half mush veggies. I feel bad about it, but there's no way I'm wasting the whole thing after all that work. I'm going to throw it, bit by bit, into our 1 cup food processor (thus defeating the whole purpose of cooking ahead of time), and Niall is going to gobble it up.

Oy vay. It may be time to give myself a break and go with some jars. I think it's about time I stop feeling bad about not being able to breastfeed. Making my own baby food isn't necessarily going to redeem me- not matter what I tell myself.

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  1. Hi Kerry!

    Following you from Hop Skip and Jump Wed., please follow back!

  2. Wow!! That sounds like a tough day, I dread those kinda days,and don't do it very often. That's neat that you make your own baby food, I'm not confident enough to do that :(

  3. The nice thing is that when I do have a rough day, I get kind of excited that I can write about it on this blog. Thanks for listening (I mean reading)!

  4. Thanks for Hop, Skip and Jumping!

    Have a great night!

  5. I hear ya about the whole soup thing! I tried making homemade gluten free pasta the other day, needless to say it was a total disaster and the waste of a better part of my day! And don't feel bad about not being able to breastfeed. Like you said "different strokes for different folks"

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Following back!

  7. oh my... you are busy... lol you remind me of me when my first was born.. by the time i had 3 in 4 years the youngest got whatever i found at i know im going to mommy hell..

  8. Haha! I have a feeling that's the way it goes for everyone. The first gets the royal treatment and it goes downhill from there ;)


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