Monday, August 30, 2010

The Twilight Zone

Matt had to work Saturday, so I decided to take Niall on a nice walk to the park. I, instead, ended up taking a stroll through the twilight zone.

As we were heading down the sidewalk of a fairly busy road, I noticed a man running toward me... in the middle of the road. Actually, it was the middle of a lane. It probably would have been better if he had been right on the yellow line, somewhat out of everyone's way.

It was almost like he thought he was a biker and the cars needed to share the road with him. The best part was that there were 2 sidewalks on either side of him, but he wanted no part of that. He was goin' for it. All or nothing. He wasn't even trying to stay off to the side, either. He was just right smack in the middle.

He looked like he had never run a day in his life, but woke up that morning to some kind of revelation. He must have rolled out of bed and said to himself, "This is the first day of the rest of my life!" He was short and stocky, with a scruffy beard, a v-neck undershirt, and an 80's sweatband across his forehead, probably in his mid 50s. He was so adorable, I was really hoping that nobody would be too mean to him.

I think the cars behind him were too confused to honk or get angry. They just kind of lingered for a second to see if he would move and then drove around him. All I could do was burst out laughing, but I'm sure if I were one of those drivers, there would be a lot more than giggles coming out of my mouth.

Then, on our way home from the park, I decided to take the scenic route home through the neighborhood. And it really was quite the scene when I came upon this lovely house... A 1964 submarine missile parked in the driveway (my guess is permanently), with 26 political signs posted in their front yard. You have to feel bad for the neighbors if they ever want to sell their house- their property value just took quite the plummet because of Clark Griswold over here.

(the missile)

(the so-called front lawn)

I always wonder the real point of those signs. I'd like to think that people put a little more thought into their government leaders than they did their high school president. You can't possibly expect people to look at your sign and say "I want to vote for the popular one!" I had hopes that people might be smarter than that, but you never can tell.

Or are the signs just because you want everyone to know your political point of view? Maybe you could just get a tatoo and not ugly up the entire neighborhood. Maybe I'm being too harsh... what if it is the running man's house?! That would be too perfect ;)

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  1. I dunno'; I'd give my eye teeth to have one of those old stream-line trailers. That was when they really knew how to build 'em. We lived in one of those and traveled all over the country for two years. Today, the trailer houses have fancier names, but they sure are built differently than those were. LOL

    So nice of you to follow my blog. I'm very happy to say I am now YOUR newest follower.

    By the way, have you checked out BlogHer? I like it as much as I like Blog Frog.

    ~ Yaya


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