Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sagittarius

The lady sitting next to us on the flight home from Cali was a big horoscope/zodiac sign buff and was telling us all about how Niall really fits with the characteristics for his sign- sagittarius.  So, of course, as soon as I got home I started looking up the scoop on Sagittarius.

I know it sounds a little naive to think that every person born under every sign is going to act in that exact way or display all of those characteristics, but I was completely shocked at how much Niall fits the bill.  I put stars by the traits that describe Niall to a tee...

Positive Traits & Likes:                               
optimistic and freedom loving*       
good humored*                          
honest/ straightforward                 
on the move all the time*
full of energy*
love traveling and exploring*
love of outdoors*
irrepressible sense of fun*
good athletes
good musicians
good sense of morality

Negative Traits & Dislikes:
gambling problem (yikes!)
refuse to grow up
dislikes being confined*
dislikes disapproval from others*

I just think it's fun to see how you compare to what the stars are saying :)

Anyway, I was really excited to see Sagittarians tend to be both great athletes and great musicians.  I think Niall may have both in the bag.  Check this out- holding a football while wearing an Alice in Chains t-shirt (thanks Sarah!).  It's Matt's favorite band, so they now have matching gear (one in black and one in white)...

He has also been dabbling in a little bit of piano on the side- he's the real tortured artist type, moaning in frustration as he strives to give his best work yet...


  1. What a cutie. I love looking up all the signs. I think they're crap but they're also so much fun. I like looking up the Chinese zodiac and numerology too. :) thanks so much for following my blog! Good luck with that piano playing Niall hehe!

  2. i am a sagittarius and so is jess! looks like niall fits right in.

  3. Carrie: Well there you go! It's a great time of year :)

    Kirsty: I've never looked up the Chinese ones- I know that I'm a rat (oh, great) but I don't know what it means--or what Niall's chinese sign is...I'm gonna be busy looking up all this superstitious stuff today!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love yours!


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