Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Explorer

What a change. This beach trip was a complete 180 from last time, as I expected. It was a pleasant surprise that Niall was able to enjoy crawling around in the sand without throwing it in his mouth or face.

He was so captivated by everything- watching the sand fall between his fingers and the waves crashing up on the shore. He's not just getting bigger every day, he's learning and experiencing and reacting to the world in so many ways.

So much to the point he needed to take a little snooze- a 2 1/2 hour snooze right there on the beach with the breeze blowing over him and his hands folded behind his head like he was just livin the dream.

He even got a little leg tan despite the fact that I covered him in baby sunblock from head to toe and had him under an umbrella for most of the day. But it's nice to know he has the ability to get some fraction of color, unlike his mom.

Once we got back to the beach house, he longed to be back in the sand- pressing himself up against the window, just gazing out at the ocean.

And I'm not gonna lie, he did manage to sneak a few peeks of our guilty pleasure: "The Jersey Shore."  Just what I want Niall to catch a glimpse of- a bunch of trashy drunk people screaming at each other, pulling hair, and punching.  I would try to distract him with coasters and decorative pillows, but he just couldn't stop turning around to see what JWOWW and Ronnie were up to ;)

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  1. Oh yeah!!! I'm SOO happy that I tried that on him before he turned 12 months because he's almost outgrown it! It's so funny how some clothes he fits into 6 months and others he's already at 12 months. He loves being a terp :)


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