Friday, August 6, 2010

I am MaMaa!

Today's conversation with Niall went something like this...

Me: Ok, Niall. You're going to play on the floor while mommy makes lunch.
Niall: Waaaaaaa
Me: Niall, mommy can't hold you all the time. You're going to have to learn to play by yourself sometimes.
Niall: Waaaaaaa
Me: I'm sorry, Niall, but I'm not going to pick you up. You will be ok.
Niall: MaaaMaaa (with that sad little shaky, crying voice and puppy dog eyes)
Me: Oh my gosh, you called me mama and really meant it! That makes me feel so special! (I pat him on the head and give him a big hug, but don't pick him up).
Niall: (desperately, frantically reaching his hands toward me) MaaaMaa...MaaMaaa!
Me: What's that? You want me to hold you forever and never put you down? Ok, that sounds good to me. Just remember that when you're 17 and don't want to be seen with me.

I'm such a sucker!

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  1. hi! glad you found our oh baby! group on blogfrog! :)

    and ohmygosh, isn't being called 'mama' the best?? it's still a new thing here in my household and MELTS ME EVERYTIME. when that word comes out (in context) i turn into such. a. sucker.

    i'm looking forward to seeing a photo of your little man in his new alice in chains shirt soon. ;)

  2. Thanks Adriel! I'm following a bunch of new people now from blog frog, so I'm glad you referred me to it.

    I think this little guy will be able to get anything he wants from me if he calls me mama, and with those cute little eyes gazing up at me! Oh well, what can ya do?


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