Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making Me Time

I've always said, from day one, that I'm going to try my best not to make excuses because of Niall. Sometimes, it becomes really easy to pass up every opportunity and say "It's too difficult with the baby."

So I've become very used to bringing Niall with me everywhere- to the point where I forget that there are some places that are just not appropriate to bring a baby. For instance, driving in a power boat across the choppy bay to a "tie up spot" (AKA drunken craziness).

I wanted to get together with my friend who I hadn't seen in a while and go out on her boat. I have never taken Niall on a boat before, but I figured he's at the age where the engine noise wouldn't be too loud for him. I didn't even think about the roughness of the water or the crowd that would be at the boat tie up.

Luckily, Matt convinced me to leave Niall with him and go enjoy a day to myself. I thought about it and I really don't do those- ever. I almost prefer to have Niall with me all the time. I enjoy his company and everyone is always wanting to see him, so I don't even give it a second thought.

Not only was it really nice (and much needed) to get out by myself and have some adult time, but I am SO happy I didn't bring Niall with me. We were literally bouncing out of our seats, the waves were so big and choppy. Not to mention that I didn't think about a life jacket for Niall.

Then, we got to the island where all the boats were tying up together and it was like Preakness outfield on the water. There were so many drunk people, cigarettes and beer cans floating in the water, you could barely avoid swimming into all of it.

I had so much fun with my friend and her sister, though. We were hysterical laughing every time we flew over a wave on the boat ride there and back. Something about driving fast on a boat and going over the bumps just makes me giddy. I love being on the water. I love Annapolis. And I definitely think it's important to take a little bit of time each week to be apart from Niall- as much as I miss him!

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  1. dude so glad you got some "you time" -- seems really important! plus, i absolutely love that picture of you and noon :)


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