Monday, July 19, 2010

How the Flip Ruined My Life...

I could cry right now.  I'm actually surprised that I'm even able to write this, but I have nobody else to vent to at the moment. 

I got a Flip camera for Christmas and was never able to upload the videos to my laptop for some reason.  I had 28 videos of Niall, starting from when he was just a month old.  I tried so many different things to get those videos saved on my computer, but it seemed to be a compatibility issue, so I just stopped using it.  My picture camera will take short snippets of video with decent quality, so that's what I've been doing instead.

When I got a new laptop several months ago, it didn't occur to me to try uploading those videos... until last week.  I uploaded all 28 videos with no problem and saved the projects in Windows Movie Maker.  Once I saved them to my computer, I saw no reason to leave them on the camera and deleted them to make room for some new videos.

Well go figure, I guess you have to actually publish the movie or the content of the videos won't save.  I don't really understand the point of even giving me the option to "save the project" instead of "publishing the movie" if that's the case.  I went to look through some of the videos today and almost keeled over when I saw the big red "X" in the middle of all my movies. 

I'm so traumatized, especially to think that I'll never see any live footage of Niall prior to 6 months old.  There's something so different about seeing a baby on video than in still pictures.  Ugh.  Well, here's one from last night- I learned my lesson and published it right away. 

Niall is obsessed with the video camera, so it's really difficult to catch him candidly anymore.  Once he sees you filming him, he starts charging the camera, hissing and foaming at the mouth until he gets his hands on it...

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