Friday, July 2, 2010

Friend or Foe?

It's funny how Niall reacts to people lately; you just never know if he's going to laugh, cry, hug or hit. Last night, our friends came over and Niall started hysterically crying when John walked in the room. We made him walk out and sure enough, Niall stopped crying. John walked back in and the crying started up again. Poor John, he's such a nice guy and he didn't do anything except exist in Niall's presence. But Niall was just not having it.

So today, we went to the park with baby Jack (about 2 months older than Niall) and they actually started to notice each other. We've gone to the park together 3 or 4 times before, but they were both kind of in their own worlds. It seems like everything up to this point has been trying to engage Niall in what's going on around him, but he was not really into it. He's always looking around, playing with a toy, or just not paying attention. But now he is really active and interested in the things and people around him, which makes it a lot more fun for me.

When we went to the park, Niall and Jack immediately caught eyes and started examining what the other was doing. But Niall would act a little skeptical at times. One minute, they would be eating mulch chips together and the next, Niall would be jealous of the camera that Jack was chewing on. At one point, he was trying to pull Jack's hair- I'm hoping that was a symbol of affection and not being a bully.

Then, he started being a total mama's boy, which has me a little worried. It kind of started earlier this week- he'll start crying out of nowhere and reach for me. It would be one thing if he hurt himself or was hungry/wet, but I can tell he's just being whiny and needy. I'm trying to be careful not to feed into it, but it's really hard. I don't want to spoil him but I also don't want to ignore him- especially that desperate adorable little baby face!

...And I just have to throw this snapshot in there because it's such a good one!

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