Thursday, July 15, 2010

Change Gonna Come

When Niall first came into our lives, there really wasn't too much adjusting to do. Aside from the nursery, he didn't have too many toys or pieces of equipment that took up any room. We are talking about a newborn baby- they can't even see more than a foot in front of their face or support their own head. So, our house pretty much stayed exactly the same.

Then, as time went on, he started to discover things- first his hands, then his feet, then the remote, etc. So, it was time to start busting out the cool stuff that had been cooped up in our basement all these months. We had to move some of our things around to make room for the Baby Einstein play station and the tummy time mat, etc. The DVD tower got the boot and the coffee table was permanently shoved up against the couch. Nothing too life altering, though.

But now we're at a whole new level. I knew this time was coming, but I kept saying it was still a few weeks away. Well, now it is undeniably here and I keep thinking I can somehow stop it. Niall has been crawling for at least 2 weeks, pulling himself up to a standing position faster than I can blink an eye, and shoving things in his mouth like a fat kid in a candy store.

Yet here I am with no safety gates, no cabinet blockers, and haven't even attempted to stow away my ridiculous house decor that looks like it belongs in some kind of Better Homes and Gardens spread. Honestly, who do I think I am with this stuff? I've got these bamboo spears jutting out of a fancy vase ON THE FLOOR, just inviting Niall to poke an eye out...

my fine china is about chest height with Niall...

and our DVD/stereo sound system and router are just a yank away from Niall being electrocuted...

Our house is pretty far from being baby or kid friendly.

I keep telling myself that I'm not one of these moms who just lets their kid wander around, so I don't have to worry about it.  I always keep a pretty close eye on him, but I guess that's how kids end up eating paint chips and such. Ok, safety gates are going up and bamboo vases are going down.

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