Friday, July 23, 2010

Best Day Ever

We decided to have a girls' day/night at the bay house with my mother in law, a friend, her baby and her mother.  Jack and Niall have hung out before at the park, but this was their first time together for this long.  It was so much fun watching them interact.  We would chase them to get them going- Niall can crawl so fast now!

I love how, even this young, you can see their different personalities.  Jack is definitely more of a go-getter and Niall is really laid back (he certainly didn't get that from me).  Jack would only be interested in the toy Niall was playing with and come up and grab it.  I waited for a meltdown, but Niall just went and picked up another toy.  The process kept happening over and over. 

Then, we took them both in the pool, where they didn't pay too much attention to each other.  They were too busy marveling at the droplets that bounced out of the water when you smacked the surface.  Niall must be getting used to his teeth because his tongue stayed out the entire time, rubbing against them.

We set up the pack n plays next to each other so they could interact (and hoping they might take a nap)-- which worked for a little while.  But then they both decided to revolt and peered over the side, giving us their best puppy dog face... "Let us out!"

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  1. dude thats so funny! my step brother has a baby about pipers age and they have totally diff personalities too. kaya was clawing p up the other day trying to grab her toys and p was like completely oblivious. babies rule.

  2. I hope they stay that way because I bet it gets pretty ugly when babies start fighting over toys!


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