Thursday, June 17, 2010

Too Big For My Britches

Poor Niall seems to be a little too eager to be a big boy lately. We already had to lower the mattress in the crib when we noticed he was pulling himself up on the sides of the railing. I'm guessing he would have figured out how to thrust himself over the side some time this week. I don't even want to think about that. Then, today he had a series of stumbles and disappointments.

First, we went to the park and silly mommy forgot the towel that we use for him to sit on the equipment. Without that towel, the swing, slide, etc are steaming hot. It honestly hurts my hand to touch the stuff, so it's not just me being overprotective. So he was jerking his head all over to see what the big kids were doing. We watched them play cops and robbers and it looked like he was going to break out of my arms and learn how to run right there on the spot. He wanted to play with them so badly! It was really cute. He was following their every move with a total look of desperation (like so...).

Then, we got home and he was getting a little too wild in the johnny jump up and slammed his head into the wall. This is the worst bump he's ever had in his 7 months on this earth. I feel terrible that I didn't catch him in time. I always wondered how he didn't bump into the wall, but he just didn't... until today. He had a big white bump that turned red shortly after.

Then, he was crawling all over Matt's leg with half his body on one side of Matt's thy and the rest on the other side. Well, he got a little over ambitious and threw himself over Matt's leg face first and dove into the hardwood floor. At this point, I should have just put him in the pack and play, where he'd be relatively safe. But just as I was getting ready to do that, I scratched him in the cheek! This was definitely a rough day for the little guy :(

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  1. Poor little man! I know how you feel...when I give Landon a bath, I'll find little bumps and scratches all over him and feel so horrible because I don't see when he gets them. But, I try and tell myself that these things will happen! Hope to see you soon!


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