Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sad Little Slumper

I am so glad that I wasn't around to witness what went down in Niall's crib last night. I had gone to 7-11 to get a redbox movie and Matt stayed with Niall. He was supposed to be sleeping but he was having a really hard time for some reason. After about 20 minutes of howling, Matt went in to check on Niall and what he saw almost made me burst into tears.

Niall has been getting better and better at defying the crib. If he's not ready for bed, he'll just sit straight up until he wants to lay down. Then, if he decides he's really not ready, he'll start grabbing onto the rails and pull his head over the side. This is moving a little too fast for my liking- I just moved the mattress down a notch and I think we're going to be at the very lowest setting by the end of the month.

Anyway, when Matt walked in the nursery, Niall had been crying in the sitting position so long, he started to slump over. He was half asleep, still crying, with his head between his legs. Imagine him like this picture, but slumped over asleep and crying...

I can't even take it, it makes me so sad! So, Matt picked him up and turned him on his tummy and he fell right off to sleep. Now, I've been going in every night after 10 minutes to make sure he's not asleep sitting up. He's busted me a couple times when it was quiet and I thought he was for sure asleep, but he was sitting up wide awake just staring at the door as I was sneakily opening it and peeking in. He would be staring right at me, smiling and laughing, like it's play time. Then, I'm in trouble when I try to leave.

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