Monday, June 7, 2010

Growing and Changing

I can't get over how many new things are going on with Niall. It's like each day has so many surprises in store, I just can't keep up with it all. His faces, his noises, his expressions, his movements- they're filled with so much personality and so much energy. As soon as I get used to one thing, he stops doing it and gets into something else that completely cracks me up.

The only sad thing is that I can't catch all of it. I'll notice him doing something really cute and funny and when I get the camera out, he has stopped and never does it again. It's onto something different the next day. I wish I could have gotten it all on camera! This phase of his life is by far the most exciting and rewarding. Watching him imitate us and smile at us and noticing when we walk in the room- the way his eyes light up- it's completely amazing.

So let me think about how to explain these new expressions that he's been doing... first, the screaming. This may come as a shock, but I absolutely love his screaming. It's not a frustrated or whiny scream; it's a genuine exploration of his voice box. He just lets out these little shrieks and then realizes that he can move his voice up and down and get louder, so he starts making all these hilarious noises. I will just die if I can't catch this on video eventually.

Next is the semi crawl. He curls his legs up underneath his butt and props himself up in the air. Then he rocks back and forth and dives onto his stomach. Not quite a crawl, but definitely purposeful movement. I feel like he's so close- he just can't put the pieces together. He can spin himself in a 360, he can push himself slightly backwards, he can dive forward, but he can't move his knees and pull himself into a full blown crawl.

Last is the flat smile. Now this one I caught on camera. This smile is just so funny, the photos really don't do it any justice. He basically bites his lip and then smiles but the corners of his mouth stay flat. Then he puckers and pops them, making this kind of kissing noise. Like a smooch. Then, he does it over and over again all day long.... which is the only reason we were able to get these pictures-- he just wouldn't stop doing it! And now he doesn't really do it anymore :(


  1. oh my god that smile is hilarious. pipe does the screaming thing too like ALL the time. its so funny!

  2. SOOO CUTE Kerry! It is so hard to tell who he looks more and more like as he gets older. Landon did that smile for a while...Paul and I attributed it to the fact that he discovered his lips haha...or so we thought!


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