Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Day at School

Today was our first "waterbabies" swim class. I couldn't believe that this pool was just 5 minutes away from my house and I never knew about it. It was really more like a water park- there were at least 10 slides. I'm talking the enclosed twirly swirly slides that wrap around 2 or 3 times. Then, there were regular slides, open twirly slides, obstacle courses with logs and alligators, and big mushroom poles that you can get shade under. It was a serious pool for being public.

Niall did so great. I think the other babies hadn't really been in the water before because most of them were freaking out. Niall is the youngest by far, which surprised me that a lot of these year and half old babies were afraid to kick around with their parents holding them. So I think that our little trips to the beach and the bay really helped to ease him into it.

We did things like throw floaty toys into the water and let them try to kick and splash to get to it (while they were in our arms, of course), we would sit them up on the ledge of the pool and let them fall into our arms, bounce from one thy to the other in the water, and sing "ring around the rosey" and let them dunk up to their chin when we sang, "We all fall down!" The part that Niall had the hardest time with was laying on his back. He really wanted to be looking down at the water- I think he likes to be in control.

Speaking of that, he absolutely will not let me change his diaper anymore. He puts all of his energy- and there's a lot of it- into flipping onto his tummy every time I put him down to change him. Believe it or not, I honestly can't contain him- he is just way too strong. The only thing that remotely helps is if I put him in a headlock and try to change the diaper with one hand. He is just so strong!

Anyway, the instructor is the nicest guy, but Niall seems to be petrified of him. Every time Niall was swimming with me, he was fine. Then, Marcus would take him for a demonstration and Niall would start crying and reaching for me. I am praying that he is not afraid of black people. My friend suggested that I get him a black baby doll so he gets used to the notion. It's not a bad idea.

So next week is blowing bubbles and I'm really nervous about him guzzling a boat load of water. I tried dunking him already the last time I was at the bay and it was definitely not a success. I guess the sooner and more often we do it, the less afraid he will be.


  1. oh man dude it sounds like he is starting separation anxiety a bit?? i think he is right in that age. i took piper in my dads pool the other day and before she freaked out but the water was warmer and she loved it. but yeah i tried dunking her too, my dad told me to blow in her face and then dunk her but i dont think i blew hard enough and she didnt hold her breath and FREAKED out and cried for like 10 min. i prob won't do that again for a while. yay for swimming babies tho!!!

  2. That's so funny, I heard the same thing- Blow on their face so they hold their breath. As it turns out, that causes Niall to open his mouth and swallow water, haha!


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