Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This Father's Day weekend was great. We got crabcakes, steamed shrimp and corn on the cob- what could be better? Niall also hit it off with Vice (Pat's scary bulldog), so I'm really happy that they're getting used to each other. I don't worry as much now, where I used to have to stand next to him while they eyed each other down. It was hard to tell if Vice wanted to kiss him or eat him.

Yesterday, it was really adorable, though- at one point, we were holding Niall on Vice's back like a pony ride. Then, Niall would reach his hand up to the screen of the pack and play and Vice would bump his nose up to it. They are going to be best buds- and it can't hurt for a boy to have a scary bulldog on his side ;) Ain't nobody messin' with him!

The only thing that went wrong the whole weekend was that I forgot Niall's baby spoons, so I had to attempt to feed him with a butter knife. I would just kind of put it in really fast and scrape it gently on his lips before he could clamp down on it. A couple of times he did bite it, though, and the sound of metal scraping against his little teeth made my eyes twitch. It was definitely the messiest meal we've had so far...

Aside from being able to maneuver a butter knife as a baby spoon, I was also really proud of myself because I made a slideshow for Matt that actually went off without a hitch! I couldn't believe it. Every time I try to do one of these supposedly easy step by step movie maker things, they never work. Here it is...


  1. This was BY FAR the cutest thing I have EVER seen! Matt you look like you are an amazing Daddy! Congrats on your 1st fathers day! Kerry...what program did you use..good idea! :)

  2. I just used Windows Movie Maker- I'm pretty sure it's built into every computer these days. Just open it and click "add pictures" and then there's an option to "add music". I just used a song from my iTunes- it was all surprisingly really easy!


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