Sunday, May 23, 2010

Strawberry fields forever

We went to a strawberry festival on Saturday- something that I had no idea about until that morning-- but I knew as soon as I heard the word "moonbounce" that Niall and I would definitely be there. Well, there was not one moonbounce, not two, but a full variety of 4 completely different types of moonbounces! One was an obstacle course with a climb up to the slide at the end that I almost didn't make it up. (Yes, I had someone hold Niall while one of Matt's little cousins and I competed to get through the course the quickest. Who won is neither here nor there...)

I thought I might be able to hold Niall on one of the smaller ones, but it actually seemed dangerous! I know that sounds crazy, but the way these kids bounce around, Niall would have gotten trampled- even in my arms, I'm sure I would have fallen over. We just sat him up on the side bouncy walls and that was good enough for him.

Then, they had marshmallow guns, which I had never heard of. They're so fun- they look like mini versions of the pipes under your sink hooked up together in some kind of hodgepodge, and then you load it with marshmallows and shoot them by blowing into it. And surprisingly, the marshmallows did hurt when you got pegged in the face with one!

The best part was definitely the vanilla ice cream covered in freshly chopped strawberries, but the cutest part was the 70 year old auction announcer who couldn't get more than $5 for anything- restaurant gift certificates, Safeway cards, all sorts of goodies- but he just couldn't seem to get the crowd going. There were maybe 6 or 7 people sitting in the audience just staring blankly at him as he unenthusiastically called out "Do I hear six dollars?... Anyone?" It was a great day, though. I'll definitely go back next year. For anyone in the area, it's in Colesville. I think they do it every May.

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