Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Niall's first vacation!

This week was a whole bunch of firsts for Niall. First time on a plane, first time on vacation, first time in the ocean, first time consecutively sleeping through the night for more than 3 days!!, first time not wearing socks (what a treat!)... I'm probably missing some, but maybe I'll think of them as I go.

Well, I was definitely nervous about bringing Niall on a plane- my own anxiety about flying compounded with the thought of Niall screaming and everyone wanting to kill me was pretty overwhelming. But he was an angel! He cried for about 5 minutes right when we got on the plane (which didn't seem like we were getting off to a good start), but then I took a tip from my stepmom Donna which came in really handy. Apparently, babies get really bad ear pressure and they don't know how to pop it, so you're supposed to give them a bottle on the takeoff and landing to stimulate sucking (which pops their ears). It definitely worked. He slept the first half and was mr. smiley boy to everyone around us the second half on both flights. He and Elmo were extra safe by buckling in together...

So we were in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, which is just outside of Charleston. The weather was amazing every day so we were at the beach the entire time. Niall loved it. Maggie (Granny Bags) got him this beach cacoon so he didn't have to lay on a towel or in the pack n play (which is kind of heavy). It was perfect for keeping him entertained and for sleeping.

Now, just as I suspected, Niall inherited my vampire skin tone so I was lathering him up with sunblock about every 20 minutes and trying to keep him out of the sun. But the few times we ventured out from under the umbrella to go to the water, it was a lot of fun. Even though the water was freezing, we dipped his feet in and he was smiling the whole time. He loved watching the waves crash up on the shore. He was actually really focused and intense more than smiling, but you could tell he liked it.

I think the fresh air definitely knocked him out. He slept from 9 til 7 every night until the very last night. I think he knew that vacation was over and he was rebelling. We set up his pack n play on the balcony during the day and he loved napping out there with the breeze coming through. I think he's overwhelmed with the world outside. I was starting to get cabin fever, myself, but it was just too cold to take him outside for long periods of time until the last few weeks.

He absolutely loves having his feet exposed. He wiggles his toes all around and grabs them now. He had socks on from the day he was born so he probably didn't even know that he had feet. I'm so excited to start spending time outside with him, but I'm very nervous about him getting sunburned. If he's anything like his mom, he'll have handprint burns from where I missed a spot.

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