Friday, April 9, 2010

A Mommy's Worst Nightmare

So I know I told you all about Niall rolling over from tummy to back, which is usually what they do first. Well, now he's rolling over from back to tummy, which sounds really exciting and all but it's making me a wreck! First of all, this is his first milestone that Matt saw before me- ok, I'm just kidding about that being bad, but it gets worse...

Since this major feat 2 days ago, he automatically turns over now as soon as I put him on his back. He's done with that "little baby" phase of his life- it's time for the big kid stuff. So, I try to put him down for a nap, a diaper change, you name it-- he's rolling over to his tummy. This can get very messy with a poopy diaper! Well, despite how difficult it can be for us to keep up with this little roley poley man, we were very excited for him and cheering him on the whole time... until this morning.

I was just catching up on my many hours of lost sleep these last few weeks since Niall started sleeping through the night. It was like a whole new chapter. I've only been getting up once or twice for about 5 minutes tops- he cries and I go in and rub his tummy for a minute and put his passy back in his mouth. No big deal, back to bed. All is well. Now I don't think I'm ever going to sleep again...

I walked into the nursery this morning to find Niall face down, nose smooshed in the mattress! AHHHHH. I immediately scooped him up, threw him over my shoulder and started hitting his back like it was the new form of CPR. I'm not sure how that method would have helped, had I really needed to save him. He was fine, but I sure wasn't. I am going to have to get up every hour now during the night to make sure he's not smothering himself. This was WITH the infant positioner, too! I don't know how he maneuvered around it. I also have to worry about him during his day time naps now. I really can't be assured that he's ok now unless he's in the room with me.

Back to square one. What a wreck- am I ever going to relax again??

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