Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

We went on our first major baby outing last Friday- to the national zoo. I was so excited to take Niall and the 3 other babies to see all the cool animals. What would Niall think of all this? What would be his favorite animal? I couldn't wait to see his reaction...

Then I realized that not only is he 5 months old and had no idea that he was surrounded by cool animals, but he was also in the carseat stroller, which only allowed him to look up at me the entire time. So, I propped his stroller up in front of several of the animal dwellings to give myself the satisfaction of saying "Look, Niall is at the zoo"... the fact that he and the donkey on the bridge in the background are completely unaware of each other is besides the point ;)

We also had 3 other babies with us. I wanted to make this a small group journey, so I invited my Bradley class friends and another friend with a baby. Wow, is it difficult for 4 people to try to walk together with strollers. It was pretty funny trying to have a conversation and breaking every 5 minutes to go single file to get through the crowd. We had fun, though.

Especially at the end of the day. We went down to the petting zoo area, where there was a giant fake pizza for the kids to bounce around on. Our babies were just watching the big kids in awe. They wanted to crawl around so bad, but there were too many kids running around on it. It really wasn't safe for the little guys. I think I may have been more excited about the pizza than Niall, so I had to pretend that my enthusiasm was for him. I'm an adult, after all, I can't play on a giant kid's pizza (I keep telling myself that).

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