Monday, April 12, 2010

Cherry Blossoms... and yellow jackets

We went to the Cherry Blossoms Festival on Saturday, which was really reminiscent for me because I went last year when I was just 2 months pregnant with Niall. Unfortunately, there was not one blossom because of all the wind in the last few weeks. I'm talking not so much as a petal on the ground- bare. But it was still a lot of fun taking Niall out- we were starting to get cabin fever from the harsh winter.

We went down with my friend Demi and her family, including her 1 1/2 year old, Will. Will went through a jealous phase where Demi would hold Niall and he would make strangling motions toward Niall's neck. But now they get along great! They just kind of observe each other and go about their business. It's funny how kids can get like that, though. Demi said that Will never runs up to her and hugs her until she's holding Niall... then he becomes very interested in getting his mommy all to himself.

When we got back that night, I was putting little angel boy to sleep when I saw something in the shadow on the rail of his crib. "Oh no, it's one of those nasty stink bugs that seem to infest our house," I thought. I flipped on the light to find a humongous buzzing monster- I couldn't quite make out what it was because it starting flying all over the room. I was trying to dodge it and making little squirmy grunts, attempting to control myself from screaming since Niall was asleep. When it landed on the wall, my fears had been confirmed- it was a yellow jacket!! On MY BABY'S CRIB! What if I hadn't noticed it and he stung my little angel???

I grabbed my shoe and starting swatting through the air, yelling profanities at the little devil. At one point, I was creeping in stealthily to get ready for the big shoe slam, whispering about how I was going to rip his legs off one by one and spread his body parts across the yard as a warning to his family and friends. Needless to say, I got the bugger... Oh, the things we do to protect our loved ones :)

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