Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Time Away

Last weekend was my first time away from Niall overnight. It was so hard to try not to think about him while I was at my friend's bachelorette party. I kept finding myself flipping through camera and text pictures, yelling out to everyone around me "Oh my gosh, look at this one- this one is the cutest!" I'm surprised they didn't take my camera and throw it in the ocean. I had to keep reminding myself- this is Steph's weekend, not baby Niall's!

I have to admit, although I really wanted Niall to behave for his grandparents, I was secretly hoping that when I checked in they would say something like "Oh Kerry, he's just lost without you- he hasn't stopped crying since you left." But no, he completely forgot I existed! I'm getting picture texts of him beaming as they went for walks, read stories, even going to bed-- he's never happy about that! What the heck??? Apparently he slept through the night both nights- I think I may need to get some pointers because he is still waking up several times a night for me (but he'll usually go right back to sleep once I put his passy back in).

I had a blast with the girls, but I was definitely thinking about Niall the whole time. Life is so different now- in a good way. I definitely can't hang with the big dogs anymore (in terms of going out and partying) but I really would rather be singing off key and playing airplane with Niall than going to the bars anyway. It was definitely nice to have a weekend off, though. I didn't even fully appreciate my full night's sleep in a 5 star hotel until I got back and realized what a diamond in the rough that was.

So then, the whole time on my way home (2 flights later), I was sooo excited to see Niall. When I opened the back of the Equinox to put my bags in, I could just see his little eyes peeking over and he got this huge smile like he suddenly realized "oh yeah, I remember her!" It was the weirdest feeling- he had somehow changed already over those 2 days. He was bigger, but there was something else. It was like he was trying to talk to me (mmmm gaaaa), but he was REALLY trying to say something. It gave me chills, it was so weird. It was like I hadn't seen him in months. Now we have the South Carolina family vacation, so it will be Niall's first time on a plane. Pray for me!!! (Oh please don't let me be the girl with the screaming baby)... we'll see

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  1. dude... i totally know what you mean with that one. anytime im away from piper, although i eventually can chill out and have a decent time, i really just want to be with her again. we haven't done an overnighter yet but probably pretty soon but i'm def scared for it.


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