Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Niall has a somewhat alien-shaped head, so I've had trouble with hats from the start. The only hat that ever really fit him perfectly was his hospital hat, but I had to stop putting that one on him after a while because it's both blue and pink. I can't have my baby boy trotting around town with pink in his hat ;)

So Matt's mom found me an amazing replacement hat- just a simple snug blue cap. Those are the only 2 hats that Niall has worn since he was born. I have about 20-25 hats, though! I'm not exaggerating. I tried them all when he was a newborn and none of them worked, so I thought I'd pull them out now that he's 3 months and see how they look.

They are so funny! Now most of them are too small, but some just don't work with the shape of his head. Anyway, when I started putting them on him I just thought it was hysterical and started snapping photos of the whole shindig. Enjoy :)

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